STRIKEWISE - Blowfly strike prediction system
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Blowfly strike is the infestation of sheep by fly maggots. It is caused by the sheep blowfly (Lucilia sericata). Maggots feed on the skin of the sheep, creating serious welfare and husbandry problems. In the UK, approximately 750,000 sheep on over 80% of farms experience fly strike each year.

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Strikewise is a blowfly management tool, based on powerful computer models. The computer models use recordings of daily temperatures and rainfall, along with a detailed understanding of fly and sheep biology to forecast the patterns of fly and strike.


Example strike-risk map

An example strike risk UK Map of strike risk for August

A typical seasonal strike-risk pattern of strike in England and Wales for May to October.

Strikewise, School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, Woodland Road, Bristol, BS8 1UG